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Why Us

Infinity Pool Solutions is a professional pool renovation, improvement, and maintenance company focused on providing top level, innovative service and installations geared to customer needs and wants. We aim to provide our customers with timely service while being sure to pay attention to the details, types of tools, and equipment that set us apart from the average. We look forward to working with our customers to fulfill expectations that we have helped establish, that will lead to a finished product best suited to each project.

Our first priority is to provide our customers with the safest, most cost effective pool environment by limiting the amount of needed chemicals used in traditional methods through the use of technology and innovation.


We do our best to provide our clients with safe, sustainable practices, decrease the amount of chemical usage per pool while eliminating as much plastic waste as possible. We safely dispose of unsafe chemicals on site and use high quality products with limited use of harmful products. We use enzymes and other methods to make your water safer and cleaner to prolong the life of the pool and getting rid of plaster and concrete waste.


We take great pride in hiring the best talent to keep your pools clean, safe, and in the best condition possible. We work hard to meet our customer needs from weekly maintenance to installing new equipment.


Working with chemicals is something we take very seriously. We carefully measure and maintain what we put in your pool so you and your family can feel safe about swimming whenever you desire. We protect the surrounding equipment and pool by providing a safe work environment.

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Technologically Advanced

We use the most up to date equipment and processes to service and take care of your pool. We pride ourselves on being one of the only service companies that is technologically advanced.

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